Physics case and experimental context

The aim of BINGO is the development of a technology capable of investigating the Majorana nature of neutrino with unprecedented precision, down to a sensitivity of a few meV to the Majorana neutrino mass.


The BINGO technology can determine a dramatic leap forward in 0n2b sensitivity, covering fully the inverted ordering band when applied to a CUPID-like experiment. In addition, we have to be prepared to the direct ordering scheme, as suggested by neutrino oscillation experiments and by cosmology. BINGO has the ambition to offer a long-term solution to discover the Majorana mass even in this extremely challenging context.

The impact of BINGO in the search for 0n2b will be at three levels:
1. validation of ground-breaking technologies for the control of the background in MINI-BINGO;
2. application of these technologies to possible follows-up of CUPID, a proposed 0n2b bolometric experiment in the Gran Sasso underground laboratory (LNGS) exploiting the existing CUORE cryogenic
infrastructure, increasing substantially CUPID’s currently estimated sensitivity;
3. pave the way to large long-term 0n2b experiments able to demonstrate the Majorana nature of neutrinos even in case of vanishing lightest neutrino mass and direct ordering of the three neutrino masses.

#6 - Last update : 05/19 2022