Main work packages

Working packages and main work packages responsabilities

Organization chart


Scientific manager:

- Responsible for the Irfu supply with respect to the collaboration and delegates part of its mission to a project manager.

- Guarantees the availability of financial resources for Irfu supplies.

- Responsible for the financial and human resources management of the project

- Responsible for the financial management of the technical missions

Project manager: the project manager receives the delegations from the scientific manager for:

- The development and production of Irfu supplies

- Planning coordination

Material screening and procurement:

Supplying of materials (crystals, copper, PTFE, etc.) that will be used for the BINGO assembly, organizing the relevant measurements of intrinsic radioactivity and preparing the selection for the final use.

Neganov-Luke Light Detector:

Establishing the geometry of the Al Electrodes and the temperature sensors, organizing the tests at low temperature of the samples and to participate in analysing the corresponding data. And finally supervising the final production of the light detectors.

ZnWO4 scintillators:

Carrying out preliminary measurements on scintillators of reduced size compared to the final size and establishing the final geometry of the active screen based on the results and takes care of its realization.

Electronics and DAQ:

Designing the boards of the front-end electronics and DAQ, producing and testing the electronics on bolometers. Production and installing the elctronics in the experimental site.

Innovative Detector Assembly:

Studying innovative assembly techniques on small prototypes compared to the final crystals. In addition to Designing and testing the final assembly configuration of the individual module.

Cryostat and underground infrastructure:

Studying the configuration of the cryostat and the interface with the experimental site and the shielding, installing the cryostat and validate its cooling.

MINI-BINGO assembly and commissioning:

Assembling the MINI-BINGO demonstrator, installing the detectors in the cryostat and take care of commissioning of the detectors.

MINI-BINGO Data taking and analysis:

Characterizing the detector during commissioning, data collection (divided between calibration and background measurements), data analysis and extraction of physics results.

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